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Stretch and Release Session




55 minutes

About the Course

As our culture becomes less active on a whole, we need ways to lengthen out tight and sore muscles, but what many stretch companies do not address is fascia release paired with proven stretching techniques. Bela Pilates offers Trigger Point Therapy and Self-Myofascial Techniques that you can do even at home. These techniques paired with PNF Stretching and AI Stretching are research based ways to open up your joints, alleviate pain, and make you more flexible.

If your body needs a break from your normal workouts or you suffer from arthritis, fibromialgia, or other autoimmune disease

Your Instructor

Rebecca Cook

Rebecca Cook

Rebecca Cook has been teaching Pilates for almost twenty years. She trained with the Taylor sisters at The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado and went on to complete her Comprehensive Pilates Certification with Balanced Body University. Rebecca is certified in a plethora of other areas including Trigger Point Release, Self-Myofascial Release, PNF Stretching, AI Stretching, is a Pilates Practitioner for Neurological Conditions and an Integrated Movement Specialist. She has trained students at elite ballet schools, Olympic Speed Skater, Tim Quinn, as well as stroke survivors.

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