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Saturday, January 13th 1-3 pm EST

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About Us

About Us

Bela Pilates is the first fully equipped  professional Pilates Studio in Plainfield, Indiana. Pilates is a movement method pioneered by a man named Joseph Pilates about 100 years ago. He originally called his method, Body Contrology. Pilates uses Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and a host of other Pilates apparatus to strengthen, elongate, balance, and focus your body.


Joseph Pilates once stated, "If your spine is stiff at 30, you are old. If it is flexible at 60, you are young.”

We all want to be young as long as we can. That is why this form of exercise will aid you in continuing all the activities you enjoy in life for years to come. Pilates is life in motion. It will revitalize your mind, body, and spirit.


Bela Pilates is about giving you the most high-quality professional private instruction to meet your goals. We do offer other services tied in with Pilates. They include Pilates for Neurological Conditions, Pre and Postnatal Pilates, PNF Stretching, AI Stretching, and Trigger Point Therapy. We can not wait to get to know you.

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      - Getting your life back through movement.

Bela Pilates Teacher and Pilates Instructor, Rebecca Cook

Meet the Team

At Bela Pilates, we want you to have the most professional and well-experienced Pilates Teachers possible. You deserve the best!

Master Pilates Teacher

Rebecca Cook

Courage is taking the first step into the unknown. I am a domestic violence survivor who took that first step. I was terrified, but once I knew I wanted to begin a new way of living, there was no looking back.


Your health journey takes the same kind of courage. There are reasons why you are in your current state of health. Here are the most common reasons I see hard working people struggle to prioritize their health:


  1. struggling with chronic pain like back or hip pain

  2. working through chronic disease like autoimmune diseases

  3. care taking for an aging family member or children

  4. experiencing tragedy or loss that moves the attention to your health at the bottom of your to do list


We all have highs and lows throughout our lives, and our health can suffer as we battle to keep going, keep giving, and keep moving. It can all seem overwhelming to step out into vulnerability and try something new like Pilates. It takes courage.


I find the most joy out of seeing a person's movement patterns, listening to their goals and walking alongside them until they succeed.


I started Bela Pilates with you in mind. In my in-home private studio setting, located in Plainfield, Indiana, we can explore with no one watching. You can laugh, cry and be yourself. My twenty years of Pilates teaching experience, comprehensive certification through Balanced Body University, and a colorful array of continuing education courses has taught me that everyone walking into the studio is someone capable of health and healing. Take courage and let's move together! 

Read my full bio HERE


Bela Pilates offers professional private Pilates training (in person or online), Mat Classes, and Stretch and Release Expertise Sessions. Please contact us if you would like to have a corporate workshop developed for your group. Onsite workshops are available.

Private teaching on the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Spine Corrector or Mat to meet your individual goals.

Join Rebecca Cook weekly on Friday mornings at 8:45 am online or watch the weekly recording at your convenience. beginner/intermediate Pilates Mat Class

Myofascial and Trigger Point Release paired with Facilitated PNF Stretching is exactly what you need to feel like yourself again.



"I'm 75 years old and have worked with Rebecca for quite awhile. My daughter, who has also worked with Rebecca was adamant that I give Pilates a try because Rebecca helped her so much with shoulder and other issues. My daughter believed so much it would help me with flexibility, etc... she offered to help pay for my sessions. I can't thank my daughter enough for pushing me into Pilates and Rebecca for being a miracle worker. Rebecca is amazing and I love her so much for helping me enjoy my life more pain free and to the fullest. I never really understood what Pilates was and thought you had to be an exercise buff to get anything out of it. Not so, Pilates is for everyone! Give it a try and you'll love both Pilates and Rebecca!"

-Kathy R.

"Rebecca helped me to overcome my shoulder pain and helped me to improve my posture, flexibility and strength. She also made doing Pilates fun! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a Pilates instructor."

-Jennifer R.

"I'm so happy that I found Rebecca and Bela Pilates! After multiple back surgeries, my spine doctor recommended Pilates to me as the best way to strengthen my core and to hopefully avoid the need for a spinal fusion. I have always been active but had no experience with Pilates. Rebecca has the expertise and the knowledge to work within your specific limitations. She is very approachable and does an excellent job explaining and demonstrating the desired movements. In just a short time working with Rebecca, I have improved core strength and gained more mobility in my back. I have lived with chronic lower back pain for a long time and have found that Pilates has made a positive change for me in the amount of pain I deal with daily. I have found Pilates to be a rewarding workout with a bit of a massage included. I really look forward to my sessions with Rebecca because I feel really good when we are finished. Don't hesitate, contact her and set up an initial consultation session. You will be glad you did."

-Julie S.

Contact Us

Bela Pilates, LLC

713 Masten Street, Plainfield, IN 46168

Tel: 317-207-7810


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