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Single Sessions/ Classes

Stretch and Release Sessions
$75 per single session
$280 per 4 pack ($70 each)
$520 per 8 pack (65 each)

Pilates Session Description

Initial Pilates Private- Your Initial Pilates Private is all about getting to know you, your body, and how it moves. Your instructor will introduce you to Pilates foundations and talk about your next steps in achieving your movement goals.

Private Pilates Session- In private Pilates teaching, we are committed to giving you are eyes and attention to make sure your body is moving optimally in the best alignment possible.

Duet Pilates Session- Pilates Duets are an exciting way to stay motivated on your Pilates journey. Find a friend or family member with similar goals and book duets at the same time each week. It helps to be accountable to your teacher and friend, making the most of your time together.

Pilates Mat Class- Bela Pilates Mat Class is a weekly mat class offered online every Friday morning at 8:45 am, or you can watch the weekly recording at your convenience. This is a Beginner/Intermediate Mat Class that will cover the original 34 Pilates Mat Exercises as well as variations and other dynamic exercises.  Please email us at to sign up.

Stretch and Release Session- Rebecca is certified in self-trigger point release techniques and PNF stretching techniques. If you are experiencing pain throughout your body, she can pinpoint the areas that need released and stretched. You will feel taller, and more aligned. You will take the self-trigger point release techniques with you to use at home with a massage ball or foam roller.

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