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Courage is taking the first step into the unknown. I am a domestic violence survivor who took that first step. I was terrified, but once I knew I wanted to begin a new way of living, there was no looking back.


Your health journey takes the same kind of courage. There are reasons why you are in your current state of health. Here are the most common reasons I see hard working people struggle to prioritize their health:


  1. struggling with chronic pain like back or hip pain

  2. working through chronic disease like autoimmune diseases

  3. care taking for an aging family member or children

  4. experiencing tragedy or loss that moves the attention to your health at the bottom of your to do list


We all have highs and lows throughout our lives, and our health can suffer as we battle to keep going, keep giving, and keep moving. It can all seem overwhelming to step out into vulnerability and try something new like Pilates. It takes courage.


I remember a client I trained who had lived with chronic back pain for over three years. She walked into her first appointment leaning over with an ice pack in hand. My heart broke as she told me how she had hurt her back twice, living with excruciating pain on a daily basis. It hurt her most when she would drive, therefore she never left the house without an ice pack. We simply started working with easeful movements to lengthen her hip flexors and deep rotators, while exploring pre-Pilates exercises for her core. The process became life-giving. Slowly her posture began to improve, we were able to strengthen her hips and back, and she ditched the ice pack. Soon, the episodes of back pain were more infrequent. Why was she able to heal and become more healthy and strong? The education I was able to provide was the icing on the cake. Her foundation was rooted in courage the day she stepped out to say,  "Enough is enough! I have to do something about this and find someone to teach me and walk along side me."


I find the most joy out of seeing a person's movement patterns, listening to their goals and walking alongside them until they succeed.


I started Bela Pilates with you in mind. In my in-home private studio setting we can explore with no one watching. You can laugh, cry and be yourself. My twenty years of Pilates teaching experience, comprehensive certification through Balanced Body University, and a colorful array of continuing education courses has taught me that everyone walking into the studio is someone capable of health and healing. Take courage and let's move together! 

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