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Perfect for releasing knots in your fascial system. This ball has a slightly lighter feel than the pink and blue. Buy two to wrap in a sock and release trigger points along your back exstensors. Release your feet with a routine taught by your teacher. The possibilities are endless.

Mint Light Myofascial Release Ball

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Your fascial system is the glue or webbing that holds your bones, muscles, and organs in place. Often, the tensegrity of the fascial system begins to pull due to injury, trauma, or surgery. It is kind of like a table cloth that is laid out flat on a table, but your toddler comes by and begins to pull one corner of the table cloth. Hence, the cloth bunches up at one corner and creates ripples throughout. We want our fascial system to lay and work at its best, so in those areas that are pulling, we need to give release. This will make for a better aligned and balanced body.

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